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I am going to start placing testimonies from our teas here. If you want to share, please send me an email at donna@teapots4u.com or on my facebook page under TeaPots n Treasures. Thank you all. without you all- this would be impossible. Love, Donna

on November 29, 2010 I rec'd this email from Amanda:

"I live in West Virginia and have become your biggest fan! We come to Indy once a year for a game and I discovered your shop this year. I bought quite a few teas and loved them and began giving them to friends to try. Then I ran out of the brain brews and had to go back to my friends and beg some more until my new order was ready. I had just enough to get me through the weekend when my new order arrived Friday! I was SO EXCITED! I've given quite a bit of that order away as well and now some of my friends want to order some on my next order. Thank you for the samples as well. That was very kind of you.

I have to share this experience. I see a tremendous difference in me since drinking the tea. As I tell people, I thought I felt good until I started drinking this tea, now I know how I should feel! I've tried to convince my mom to drink a brain brew pot at least once a day to see the difference. She was lackadaisical about it. Then my nephew was visiting while my mom was watching him. He has ADHD and my brother and his wife have tried different medications and didn't like the side effects so they stopped and he is currently not taking anything. Well, while he was visiting, he started to spiral and I said give him some tea. He drank just an espresso sized cup and within 1/2 hour, he was relaxed and calm and he stayed that way the rest of the evening.

So, my mom was convinced that the tea really does work and is now drinking a brain brew every day.

Thank you again for providing such delicious and healthy teas. I can't wait to place my next order!"


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