SAMPLERS Great Gift Idea..........for your Tea Drinker...
SAMPLERS.... Great Gift Idea for your Tea Drinker...

SAMPLERS.... Great Gift Idea for your Tea Drinker...

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Red SamplerRed SamplerRooibos is good for even the tiniest children!!
The Indianapolis SamplerThe Indianapolis SamplerSome of our very best teas!!!
Mate SamplerMate SamplerMate has matteine rather than caffeine...some calling it herbal rather than tea.
The Happy Box! contains 10 BrainBrew (TM) Samples in handmade boxThe Happy Box! contains 10 BrainBrew (TM) Samples in handmade boxRelieve your anxiety!!

and a good gift to attach to this cute box is our open infuser....14.99/each

Christmas Sample Tea BoxChristmas Sample Tea Boxa great way to let your tea lover sample different kinds of our yummy teas!
Oolong SamplerOolong SamplerGet the benefits of both green and black teas by getting this OOlong sampler!
Green Tea SamplerVibrant, delicious green teas await you with this yummy sampler! For the green tea enthusiast.
The Canterbury SamplerThe Canterbury Samplerorder several for the holidays...a great gift to take along to a house Christmas Party!
Earl Grey SamplerEarl Grey SamplerDelicious variety of 5 of our Earl Grey teas, including our Zoe's Victorian Earl Grey
Flu/Cold SamplerFlu/Cold SamplerDid you know that LemonGrass contains substances to relieve pain, reduce fever,pain, vomiting, cough, achy joints, common cold and kills germs?
Symphony Sampler (in honor of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)Symphony Sampler  (in honor of Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)A fun variety of teas made in honor of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on the circle! Great for the music lover in your life.
Chamomile SamplerChamomile SamplerNot to be confused with the Sleepytime Sampler...but chamomile makes a great nighttime tea!
Vanilla SamplerVanilla Samplerreal vanilla beans adds great taste and medicinal value to your teas!!!
Neapolitan SamplerNeapolitan SamplerVanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate...most delicious combination!
Strawberry SamplerStrawberry SamplerSimply strawberry! A variety of 5 delicious teas with strawberry as an ingredient!
Donna's Favorite BLACK Tea SamplerDonna's Favorite BLACK Tea SamplerDonna LOVES a good cuppa black tea...and a little rooibos, oolong...anything nice and robust and dark...
Tea For Coffee Lovers SamplerTea For Coffee Lovers SamplerFor the coffee lover in your life! robust, bold ingredients,roasted Yerba Mate .. plus no jitters or crash with these teas!
Chai SamplerChai Sampleryour Chai Lover will LOVE this! pair with an open top infuser!
The Happy Sampler 5 TeasThe Happy Sampler 5 TeasAssortment of 5 of our BrainBrew(TM) tea line, helps relieve stress and anxiety, mental acuity, improves mood ("The Happy Sampler"!)
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