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We are in the process of updating our site

We are in the process of updating our site

We are located at:

11500 East Washington Street | Indianapolis, IN 46229 317.687.8768/ 317.500.1079/ 317.777.0200 You can text to last 2 nums

Tea Education Class Oct 29 Saturday 3:30 call/text 317 500 1079 free reservations/parking come learn about the different teas, water temps, steeping times and stories that go with our teas!!
Just Blended and put on the floor: Chaga BrainBrew™/ Blood Pressure Reducer/PTSD/ Newest Tea: Fall 2016 Chai
 Double Diet BrainBrew™ has been changed to My Diet BrainBrew

 RIGHT NOW...if you want a sample of Heavenly Prize (chamomile,temple of heaven green tea n chocolate base) orFall 2016 Chai! send me an email and I will send you one!! donna@teapots4u.com or PM me on f/b...group or page "TeaPots n Treasures"

317.500.1079/ 317.777.0200 phone or text
{Wednesday - Saturday} 11 am - 6 pm (Monday & Tuesday open at noon til 6)
next FREE Tea Education Class in our shoppe stay tuned

(and) TBA New Palestine Library (call the library for reservations please)

  • the cute shoppe Upcycle 360 in Irvington ( behind Legends), Mary Jensen, Owner of Upcycle 360 now carries a wide selection of our signature teas.(she also has Canterbury Tea) Stop in and say hello!
  • Rustic Root in Beech Grove now carries our tea!
  • don't forget about My Father's Garden in Westfield
  • and Loretta Mayo in New York now...has a very wide selection of a lot of our teas...look her up on F/B
  • New addition in Montana coming soon! Whispering Creek/Melodie Oriet Owner in FrenchTown,Montana...will have her own signature Tea line from TeaPots n Treasures


call or text for free reservations/FREE parking (we have our own lot!)
Needing additional hours to come & visit? Just call us! We live close and are happy to open!!
Tea Tasting can be arranged for small groups (free of charge!) in our event room.
Reservations Required, and it's FREE!!!!!

Join us on FACEBOOK! and our Group Page too!
Follow me on Twitter!!

Have you ever tasted a "Really Fresh"Gummi Bear... Soft, chewy, YUMMY?
We've created:
Ornery Orange Gummi Bear Tea {Herbal}
Raspberry Gummi Bear Tea
Gummi Blue Raspberry Black
Green Vanilla with 12 flavours Gummi Bear Tea. ..8 more!!

Just blended:  Ptsd Tea,SPAZ Tea (fibromaliga) 

Relieve your anxiety ... drink BrainBrew

Call to place an order to ship...find out the newest teas on the floor!...donna@teapots4u.com for questions about tea or new tea inquiries. or 317-777-0200 (you can text us or send pics to this number)
Hours? open @ 11 a.m. Wednesday -> Saturday. open til 6 p. m. Monday & Tuesday noon til 6 (Bible Study n Tea with Lois Ewald @ 9:30 am on Tuesdays) we were featured in April 2015 on Fox59 Morning News under #YourTownFriday (Cumberland) with Kristin Kane the video is on my page & group on facebook We were on Fox 59 Dec. 1 (2013)Sunday morn ...here is the url(if it does not click,copy and paste): http://fox59.com/2013/12/01/talking-tea-with-teapots-n-treasures/#ebJ01rv2l3W7zbhA.01

We can do it!!!!!
Signature Blends for your company/ shoppe/ bridal shower/ health food store/ we use all real ingredients...no pesticides!! and our retail customers benefit from this because these custom blended teas are available online and/or in our shoppe with our label or with your info on our label :) {Win Win Advertising}
TeaPots n Treasures™

TeaPots n Treasures™

11500 East Washington Street 317.500.1079 or 317.777.0200 you can now join my group TeaPots n Treasures� on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/groups/14682558577/ then you can have the first scoop on what's happening! new teas...special shipments

YOUTUBE!!! Here it is! my debut with TeaTips:BrewBasics we have 5 videos you can view now. please subscribe to the ones that will be following! give me stars and write a nice comment!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW-SQ4bMFFM search "teapots n treasures" or teapots4u if above link does not work or go to my links page in the left column and it is the first link
Yerba Mate TeaTips - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAwvVwQ6S0Q&feature=related
Mate Gourd cups - see Shirlee for a few seconds- demo -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLxtlW5UCW8&feature=channel
Chai Tips - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRQ1veXKUa8&feature=channel
Naturally De-Caf your tea ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LVl7Pf5lAA&feature=channel

AND if you missed me on Fox 59 here is the link:

We have new items coming in every day !

Don't forget that tea makes a great gift. It's personal! 

We now carry Gift Certificates ($50 & $100 & $150) under Tea & Tea Accessories Page also available at our retail location. Can be used online or in shoppe. Great personal gift! Tea Education Classes (and in-shoppe on this page) are listed under Tea Tasting



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Cozy Red Cinnamon ChocolateCozy Red Cinnamon ChocolateRed Tea Benefits include helping with aches and pains! and just sniffing the cinnamon stimulates the memory! so the benefits from this red tea are good for all ages. I especially enjoy/appreciate it when the heat index is at 100 degrees!! and iced it is fabulous!! your guests would be pleasantly shocked!
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We have a variety of items from around the world that include:
  • English Brown Betty, English Fine Bone China, Novelty, Fiesta Ware, Russian,Ukrainian,white porcelain, Canadian, w/infuser (ceramic),clear,Czech,Polish,figural,Debbie Mum,Italian,tetsubin,cast iron, We also offer wonderful collectible used 'finds' such as: Hull, Hall, McCoy, Saddler, Lefton,Westmoreland,Ohio Art,Jewel Tea,Fiesta Ware,Limoges, Daulton, Derby,Lustreware,laquerware,Susie Cooper and items we find around the world and in Indiana/Ohio.An extensive line of yummy gourmet loose teas blended by Donna are now available on this website and in our Indianapolis shoppe. Unusual new items such as Asian vintage sets,Terra Cotta Chinese teapots, or tea bag holders (new and vintage) or hand made tea cozies -and whatever item delights us, we will pass on to you for your enjoyment.Please feel free to request anything you might be looking for! Be sure and sign up for our FREE TeaPots 4 U NEWSLETTER for updates and specials and bits of information about tea pot collecting, tea tastings, tea education classes
Tea Education 101 Classes

Tea Education 101 Classes

Tea Education 101 Classes

Tea Education 101 Classes

FREE @ 11500 East Washington Street tba
  • TBA

    call 317.500.1079 for reservations-  sample lots of teas, learn about steeping,water temps, etc

    New Palestine Library coming up



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